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  • Introducing 200G QSFP28-DD AOC from AscentOptics

    Introducing 200G QSFP28-DD AOC from AscentOptics

• AscentOptics’ 200G QSFP28-DD AOC assemblies provide power-efficient connectivity and are ideal for data center and HPC storage network applications.
• The advanced assemblies feature double the fiber channels, operating at a data rate of 25.78125Gbps with an aggregate bandwidth of up to 200Gb/s.
• Compatible with IEEE 802.3bm 100GBASE-SR4 and QSFP28-DD MSA standards, these AOCs have a length limit of 100 meters over OM3/OM4 multi-mode fiber.
• Delivering top-notch quality, our 200G QSFP28-DD AOCs offer superior performance and compatibility for end users and system designers.


200G QSFP28-DD AOC Series

Part No.DescriptionSpecifications
Data RateLengthFiber CablePassive/Active
QDD-200G-AOCxxM200G QSFP28-DD Active Optical Cable,xx Meter200G/psxxmOM3Active
QDD-200G-AOC1M200G QSFP28-DD Active Optical Cable,1 Meter200G/ps1mOM3Active
QDD-200G-AOC3M200G QSFP28-DD Active Optical Cable,3 Meters200G/ps3mOM3Active
QDD-200G-AOC5M200G QSFP28-DD Active Optical Cable,5 Meters200G/ps5mOM3Active
QDD-200G-AOC7M200G QSFP28-DD Active Optical Cable,7 Meters200G/ps7mOM3Active
QDD-200G-AOC10M200G QSFP28-DD Active Optical Cable,10 Meters200G/ps10mOM3Active
QDD-200G-AOC15M200G QSFP28-DD Active Optical Cable,15 Meters200G/ps15mOM3Active
QDD-200G-AOC20M200G QSFP28-DD Active Optical Cable,20 Meters200G/ps20mOM3Active

Each row represents a different model of the 200G QSFP28-DD Active Optical Cable. The attributes such as Part Number, Description, Data Rate, Length, Fiber Cable, and whether it’s Passive or Active are provided.

Why Choose Our 200G QSFP28-DD AOC
  • Introducing 200G QSFP28-DD AOC from AscentOptics

    Why Choose Our 200G QSFP28-DD AOC

• Our 200G QSFP28-DD AOC offers high-speed communication of up to 200 Gigabits per second.
• The product is able to transmit data over long distances, up to 100 meters.
• This active optical cable has low power consumption and is plug-and-play compatible with multiple manufacturers.
• It is cost-effective and will help lower operating costs for your data center.
• Our product provides an excellent solution for all your data center needs.

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200G QSFP28-DD Active Optical Cable: Superior Performance and Speed for High-Bandwidth Networks

This guide is designed to cater to a wide range of readers. Whether you are an IT expert, a tech enthusiast, or simply curious about the latest advances in data communication systems, this guide promises to enlighten you. It will unravel the complexities of the 200G QSFP28-DD Active Optical Cable, equipping you with the knowledge required to navigate the rapidly evolving world of digital connectivity.

Introduction to 200G QSFP28-DD AOC

Introduction to 200G QSFP28-DD AOC

Active Optical Cable (AOC) Overview

Active Optical Cable (AOC) is a type of cabling technology that utilizes optical fiber, electrical transceivers, and optical transmitters and receivers to improve cable performance. Traditional copper cables are replaced with high-speed optical fibers in AOCs, enabling data to be transmitted over longer distances with less loss and interference.

Advantages of Active Optical Cable

AOCs offer several significant advantages over conventional copper cables. They are lighter and thinner, which makes them easier to install and manage in data centers. AOCs are immune to electromagnetic interference (EMI), ensuring stable and reliable data transmission. They also support higher data rates over long distances, making them ideal for high-bandwidth applications.

Applications of Active Optical Cable

Active Optical Cables find extensive use in various high-speed network applications. They are frequently deployed in data centers, high-performance computing networks, enterprise network storage systems, and telecommunications. With the rapid development of cloud computing and big data, the demand for AOCs in high-speed, high-capacity data transmission scenarios is expected to rise significantly.

Understanding 200G QSFP28-DD AOC

Understanding 200G QSFP28-DD AOC

The 200G QSFP28-DD AOC, also known as the 200G Quad Small Form-Factor Pluggable Double Density Active Optical Cable, is a cutting-edge solution designed to cater to the high-bandwidth demands of next-generation networks. This technology harnesses the benefits of AOC and enhances them to suit high-speed, high-capacity data transmission scenarios.

What is 200G QSFP28-DD AOC?

The 200G QSFP28-DD AOC is a high-speed interconnect solution that doubles the density of standard QSFP ports by incorporating an eight-lane electrical interface, thereby offering superior performance in data center infrastructures. This translates to doubled port density, catering to the increasing requirements for higher bandwidth in data centers.

Features and Specifications of 200G QSFP28-DD AOC

This high-speed AOC is characterized by its superior performance, supporting an aggregate data rate of 200 Gigabits per second. It incorporates cutting-edge VCSEL technology and operates over multimode fiber (MMF) with lengths ranging from 1 meter to 100 meters. Its hot-pluggable QSFP28-DD form factor allows for seamless integration with existing hardware, providing flexibility and reducing downtime.

Benefits of Using 200G QSFP28-DD AOC

The utilization of 200G QSFP28-DD AOC provides several noteworthy benefits. First, it addresses the growing need for high speed and high capacity in data centers while maintaining cost-effectiveness. Second, its high port density and low power consumption lead to a reduced total cost of ownership (TCO). Additionally, its robust design ensures high-performance data transmission, enhancing network efficiency and reliability.

Comparing 200G QSFP28-DD AOC with Other Options

Comparing 200G QSFP28-DD AOC with Other Options


While both the 200G QSFP28-DD AOC and QSFP-DD AOC facilitate high-speed data transmission, the former offers a significant advantage with its doubled port density. This attribute allows the 200G QSFP28-DD AOC to more effectively cater to the growing bandwidth needs in data centers. However, it’s essential to note that both options provide robust performance and flexible integration with existing hardware.


Comparatively, the 200G QSFP28-DD AOC and 200G QSFP-DD AOC both provide a massive data rate of 200 Gigabits per second. The primary difference lies in their design layout: QSFP28-DD AOC adopts an eight-lane electrical interface, doubling the port density, whereas the QSFP-DD AOC uses a standard format. This design difference makes the QSFP28-DD AOC a more space-efficient option, meeting the increasing requirements for higher bandwidth in data centers.

200G QSFP28-DD AOC vs. Breakout Cables

Breakout cables, while offering flexibility and cost-effectiveness, may not provide the high data rate and port density that 200G QSFP28-DD AOC offers. Though breakout cables can segment high-speed ports into multiple lower-speed ports, they are often limited by length and potential signal loss. On the other hand, the 200G QSFP28-DD AOC ensures high-performance data transmission over longer distances, making it a more reliable and efficient choice for data centers.

Installation and Usage of 200G QSFP28-DD AOC

Installation and Usage of 200G QSFP28-DD AOC

The installation and usage of the 200G QSFP28-DD AOC are straightforward. Ensure that the device is powered off before you begin the installation. Grip the QSFP28-DD AOC with your thumb and index finger and carefully align the module with the slot in your device. Once aligned, gently insert the module into the slot until it clicks. After installation, you can turn on the device and ensure the module is correctly recognized and functioning.

Step-by-Step Guide to Installing 200G QSFP28-DD AOC

  1. Power off the device before starting the installation process.
  2. Remove the QSFP28-DD AOC from its protective casing.
  3. Align the QSFP28-DD AOC with the slot in the device.
  4. Carefully insert the QSFP28-DD AOC into the slot until it is securely in place.
  5. Power on the device and verify that the QSFP28-DD AOC is correctly functioning.

Tips for Proper Usage of 200G QSFP28-DD AOC

Ensure the device is clean and dust-free before installing the QSFP28-DD AOC. Handle the AOC module carefully to prevent any damage to its components. Always power off the device before inserting or removing the module. Regularly monitor the system to ensure the AOC is working correctly and efficiently.

Common Issues and Troubleshooting of 200G QSFP28-DD AOC

If the device does not recognize the QSFP28-DD AOC or is not functioning correctly, ensure the module is properly inserted into the slot. If problems persist, try inserting the module into a different place or use a separate module to determine whether the issue is with the site or the QSFP28-DD AOC. Contact technical support if you are unable to troubleshoot the problem.



Final Thoughts on 200G QSFP28-DD AOC

The 200G QSFP28-DD AOC is critical in high-speed data centers, providing efficient, reliable, and high-capacity data transmission. As data transmission demands continue to surge, the role of this technology will undeniably become more prominent. While it’s imperative to follow the installation and troubleshooting procedures carefully for optimal performance, the AOCs’ ease of use and robustness make them an attractive solution for networking professionals.

Future Trends in Active Optical Cable Technology

Active Optical Cable technology is heading towards an exciting future. As the need for data grows exponentially, AOCs are expected to evolve and adapt to accommodate this explosion in data demand. We anticipate developments in increased data transmission rates, enhanced energy efficiency, and reduced latency. Furthermore, advancements in fiber-optic technologies will likely make AOCs more affordable and accessible to deploy, making them a mainstay in future data networking environments.


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Frequently Asked Questions

A: QSFP28-DD stands for Quad Small Form-factor Pluggable 28 Double Density. It is a high-density optical transceiver module that supports data rates of up to 200Gbps.

A: Active Optical Cables (AOCs) are designed to transmit data over longer distances than traditional copper cables. They provide high-speed, low-latency, and reliable connectivity for high-bandwidth networks.

A: The main difference between QSFP28-DD AOC and QSFP-DD AOC is the number of data lanes. QSFP28-DD AOC integrates eight data lanes, while QSFP-DD AOC integrates four.

A: A 200G QSFP28-DD AOC supports a maximum data rate of 200 Gbps.

A: A 200G QSFP28-DD AOC is compatible with OM3 and OM4 multimode fibers.

A: A 200G QSFP28-DD AOC can be used for breakout applications. It can convert a QSFP28-DD port into two 100G ports.

A: The maximum reach of a 200G QSFP28-DD AOC depends on the type of fiber used. With OM4 fiber, it can reach up to 70 meters; with OM3 fiber, it can reach up to 100 meters.

A: The wavelength of a 200G QSFP28-DD AOC is 850nm.

A: A 200G QSFP28-DD AOC can be used with Dell networking equipment. It is compatible with various Dell switches and routers that support QSFP28-DD interfaces.

A: Yes, 200G QSFP28-DD AOCs are hot-swappable, which means they can be inserted or removed from a running system without causing any disruption to the network.

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