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    Introducing 400G OSFP AOC from AscentOptics

• AscentOptics offers 400G OSFP AOC, a parallel active optical cable compliant with OSFP MSA and capable of transmitting 8×50 Gb/s PAM4 signals over multi-mode fiber OM3 cables up to 100m.
• The module supports eight electrical interface lanes operating in 53.125G, offering an aggregate bandwidth of 425Gb/s.
• For data center, high-performance computing networks, enterprise core and distribution layers, and service provider applications, the 400G OSFP AOC provides high performance, high density and low power operation with a nominal wavelength of 850nm.
• It has a 60 contact edge type connector for electrical interface use.


400G OSFP AOC Series

Part NumberDescriptionData RateFiber Cable TypeCable LengthActive/Passive
OSP-400G-AOCxxM400G OSFP Active Optical Cable, Custom Length400G/psOM3Custom (xx meters)Active
OSP-400G-AOC1M400G OSFP Active Optical Cable, 1 Meter400G/psOM31 MeterActive
OSP-400G-AOC3M400G OSFP Active Optical Cable, 3 Meters400G/psOM33 MetersActive
OSP-400G-AOC5M400G OSFP Active Optical Cable, 5 Meters400G/psOM35 MetersActive
OSP-400G-AOC7M400G OSFP Active Optical Cable, 7 Meters400G/psOM37 MetersActive
OSP-400G-AOC10M400G OSFP Active Optical Cable, 10 Meters400G/psOM310 MetersActive
OSP-400G-AOC15M400G OSFP Active Optical Cable, 15 Meters400G/psOM315 MetersActive
OSP-400G-AOC20M400G OSFP Active Optical Cable, 20 Meters400G/psOM320 MetersActive

This table outlines the various models of our 400G OSFP Active Optical Cables, differentiated by their lengths. Each model is designed with OM3 fiber type and delivers a data rate of 400G/ps. All models are active, meaning they have built-in signal amplification to maintain data integrity over longer distances. The cable length varies from custom length (xx meters) to a maximum of 20 meters. This range offers flexibility to choose the optimal cable length for your specific needs and setups.

400G OSFP Active Optical Cable,1 Meter
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    Why Choose Our 400G OSFP AOC

• 400G OSFP Active Optical Cable (AOC) offers a superior data rate of 400G/ps for efficient and seamless data transmission.
• Innovative OSFP design ensures robust and versatile performance, as well as hot-pluggability.
• Active cable technology compensates for signal loss over extended distances, minimizing disruptions and maximizing reliability.
• Varied cable lengths available (including custom length) to suit any setup.
• Our technical expertise and commitment to quality assure an AOC product of unparalleled performance.

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400G OSFP Active Optical Cable (AOC) for Cloud Light Optical Network

The 400G OSFP Active Optical Cable (AOC) signifies a revolutionary step in the evolution of Cloud Light Optical Networks. Designed for unrivaled performance, this state-of-the-art solution delivers an impressive 400 Gigabit/second data transmission rate, enabling the facilitation of ultra-high-speed network connections. Built to support the next generation of data centers, the 400G OSFP AOC offers a future-proof solution for managing exponential data growth while ensuring consistent, reliable performance. Harnessing the power of this groundbreaking technology, organizations can achieve robust, scalable, and efficient network infrastructure, propelling their operations into the future of digital networking.

Overview of 400G OSFP Active Optical Cable (AOC)

Overview of 400G OSFP Active Optical Cable (AOC)

What is 400G OSFP AOC?

The 400G OSFP Active Optical Cable (AOC) is a high-speed, high-performance cabling solution developed to meet the escalating demands of data-intensive operations. It incorporates Optical Surface Plasmon (OSP) technology, facilitated through a quad small form-factor pluggable (QSFP) interface, hence the acronym OSFP. Its 400 Gigabit per second data transmission capability offers four times the speed of its 100G counterparts. The AOC aspect of this technology refers to its use of fiber optic cables instead of copper, ensuring optimal signal integrity and transmission distance. Designed to facilitate the next generation of network connections, the 400G OSFP AOC is poised to be a game-changer in big data and cloud computing.

Advantages of 400G OSFP AOC

The 400G OSFP AOC brings several notable advantages to the table:

  1. Increased Data Transmission Speeds: With the ability to transmit data at a staggering 400 Gigabits per second, this AOC significantly outpaces previous-generation technologies, facilitating rapid data sharing and communication for high-performance computing applications.
  2. Enhanced Signal Integrity: Using fiber optics, as opposed to copper, ensures optimal signal integrity, reducing the risk of data loss during transmission and improving overall network reliability.
  3. Greater Efficiency: The 400G OSFP AOC’s high-speed performance means less time waiting for data to transfer, increasing operational efficiency and productivity.
  4. Future-proof Design: As data demands continue to grow, this AOC’s robust design and impressive speed make it a future-proof solution, ready to handle tomorrow’s network needs.
  5. Scalability: Its design allows for easy expansion or contraction as needed, making it ideal for businesses seeking to scale their operations.

In conclusion, adopting the 400G OSFP AOC is a strategic investment into long-term operational efficiency, network reliability, and future-proof scalability, making it an optimal choice for organizations grappling with big data and cloud computing challenges.

Compatibility with Arista Networks

Compatibility with Arista Networks

Arista Networks and 400G OSFP AOC

Arista Networks, a leader in data-driven cloud networking solutions, has fully embraced the power of the 400G OSFP AOC. Arista has integrated this technology into its high-performance network switches, enhancing the efficiency and reliability of data center operations by leveraging its superior data transmission speeds and signal integrity. The 400G OSFP AOC’s scalability aligns with Arista’s ethos of flexibility and adaptability, empowering businesses to expand or contract network operations according to their needs. This harmonious compatibility between Arista Networks and the 400G OSFP AOC underlines the potential of this cutting-edge technology in revolutionizing data center networking and cloud computing, making it a compelling choice for businesses navigating the complex landscape of big data.

Benefits of using 400G OSFP AOC with Arista Networks

  1. Increased Network Efficiency: The combination of 400G OSFP AOC’s high-speed data transmission and Arista Networks’ high-performance switches dramatically increases network efficiency, reducing latency and ensuring smooth performance even under heavy data loads.
  1. Enhanced Reliability: Arista Networks’ robust design, when paired with the 400G OSFP AOC, ensures high signal integrity, improving the reliability of data center operations and minimizing network downtime.
  1. Scalability and Flexibility: Arista Networks and the 400G OSFP AOC offer unmatched scalability, allowing businesses to adapt and modify their network infrastructure according to their evolving needs.
  1. Cost-Effective Solution: By reducing the need for multiple low-speed cables and minimizing network downtime, the 400G OSFP AOC and Arista Networks form a cost-effective solution that lowers operational expenses and boosts return on investment.
  1. Future-Proof Networking: Given the rapid advancements in data and cloud technology, investing in the 400G OSFP AOC and Arista Networks’ cutting-edge solutions provides businesses with a future-proof networking infrastructure capable of meeting tomorrow’s challenges.

In essence, integrating 400G OSFP AOC with Arista Network’s solutions is a formidable combination that optimizes network performance, enhances reliability, offers scalability, lowers costs, and prepares businesses for the future.

Compliance and Standards

Compliance and Standards

Compliance of 400G OSFP AOC

The 400G OSFP AOC complies with many critical standards to ensure interoperability, reliability, and high performance. It aligns with the OSFP MSA (Multi-Source Agreement), ensuring compatibility with all OSFP-supporting network equipment. The 400G OSFP AOC adheres to IEEE 802.3bs and 802.3cd standards for 400GbE connections, assuring its performance and reliability in 400G Ethernet applications. Moreover, it meets RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) requirements, indicating its commitment to environmental sustainability and safety. This adherence to critical compliance standards underscores the 400G OSFP AOC’s dedication to superior performance, reliability, and responsible manufacturing.

Standards for 400G OSFP AOC

The 400G OSFP AOC conforms to industry standards, ensuring optimal functionality and compatibility. Firstly, it adheres to the OSFP MSA, which guarantees its interoperability with any OSFP-supporting devices. It also complies with the IEEE 802.3bs and IEEE 802.3cd standards that govern 400GbE connections, ensuring the AOC’s high-performance capability in 400G Ethernet applications. Beyond performance, the 400G OSFP AOC is RoHS-compliant, highlighting its commitment to reducing the environmental impact and promoting safe usage. The 400G OSFP AOC assures businesses of its quality, reliability, and compatibility by meeting these critical standards.

Features and Specifications

Features and Specifications

Key Features of 400G OSFP AOC

The 400G OSFP AOC boasts many groundbreaking features with significant value for users. Firstly, it offers high-speed transmission, supporting data rates up to 400Gbps, ideal for large-scale data centers and high-performance computing applications. Secondly, it’s built with low power consumption in mind, contributing to energy-efficient operations without compromising performance. Thirdly, the OSFP AOC offers enhanced thermal performance, ensuring stability and reliability even under challenging environmental conditions. Moreover, it supports a flexible reach of up to 100 meters over Multimode Fiber (MMF), providing versatility for various network configurations. Lastly, the 400G OSFP AOC is designed with a hot-pluggable OSFP transceiver form factor, enabling easy installation and maintenance. Combining these features makes the 400G OSFP AOC an optimal selection for businesses seeking a balance of high performance, reliability, and sustainability.

Technical Specifications of 400G OSFP AOC

  • Data Rate: Up to 400Gbps
  • Form Factor: OSFP
  • Cable Type: Active Optical Cable (AOC)
  • Cable Length: Up to 100 meters over Multimode Fiber (MMF)
  • Wavelength: 850nm
  • Power Consumption: Low power consumption (<12W)
  • Connector Type: OSFP to OSFP
  • Operating Temperature: 0°C to 70°C
  • Compliance: IEEE 802.3bs, IEEE 802.3cd, RoHS
  • Features: Hot-pluggable, enhanced thermal performance

The 400G OSFP AOC’s technical specifications underscore its capacity to deliver high-speed, reliable, and environmentally friendly performance. With data rates up to 400Gbps, low power consumption, and a reach of up to 100 meters, the AOC is specifically designed for large-scale data centers and high-performance computing applications. Compliance with IEEE standards and RoHS signals its commitment to quality, reliability, and sustainability.

Advantages of 400G OSFP AOC

Advantages of 400G OSFP AOC

Higher Bandwidth and Speed

The 400G OSFP AOC presents a significant leap in bandwidth and speed capabilities compared to other optical cables. While standard optical cables often cap out at 100Gbps, the 400G OSFP AOC quadruples this data rate, enabling unprecedented speed for data transmission. This advantage is further magnified when implemented in high-speed cloud networks. The increased bandwidth of the 400G OSFP AOC ensures efficient handling of large data volumes, reducing latency and significantly boosting network performance. Thus, for enterprises that rely on high-speed cloud networks for their data-intensive operations, adopting the 400G OSFP AOC means faster data transfers, improved operational efficiency, and, ultimately, a competitive advantage in the digital landscape.

Long Reach and Reliable Performance

Performance in long-distance transmissions

In terms of long-distance transmission, the 400G OSFP AOC stands out due to its ability to maintain reliable performance over distances up to 100 meters. This is an impressive feat, considering the high data rates it supports. This makes it an ideal choice for expansive network systems, such as those in large-scale data centers, where the distance between connected devices can be significant. The 400G OSFP AOC’s robust performance over long distances reduces the need for additional networking hardware – such as repeaters or signal boosters – thus simplifying the network architecture and reducing costs. Its hot-pluggable feature also ensures that it can be easily replaced or upgraded without causing network disruption. Therefore, adopting the 400G OSFP AOC guarantees high-speed data transmission over long distances and ensures network stability and reliability, making it a cost-efficient solution for data-intensive operations.

Reliability of 400G OSFP AOC

The 400G OSFP AOC’s reliability is underscored by its impressive error-free data transmission capabilities. It employs superior error correction techniques to ensure data integrity, even at high transmission rates. Durability is another significant aspect of its reliability. Designed to withstand the rigors of a demanding data center environment, it remains consistently operational even under high-temperature conditions. Furthermore, the 400G OSFP AOC’s proven track record of low failure rates adds to its credibility as a reliable, high-performance networking solution. For organizations operating in today’s dynamic and data-driven environment, the 400G OSFP AOC presents a reliable choice that ensures uninterrupted, high-speed data transfers while minimizing network downtime.

Easy Installation and Deployment

Plug-and-play capabilities

The 400G OSFP AOC boasts plug-and-play capabilities, making its installation and deployment exceptionally straightforward. Users will not require specialized knowledge or additional software to get the device up and running. It simply plugs into the corresponding port and begins functioning immediately. This eliminates the complexities often associated with setting up networking hardware, saving time and resources. Additionally, its hot-pluggable feature allows the device to be added or removed without needing to power down the system. This can significantly reduce network downtime, further optimizing operational efficiency. The plug-and-play and hot-pluggable features of the 400G OSFP AOC make it an accessible and efficient choice for streamlining data center operations.

Compatibility with existing infrastructure

The 400G OSFP AOC is designed to integrate with existing network infrastructure seamlessly. Its form factor enables compatibility with a wide range of networking equipment, thereby minimizing the chances of equipment redundancy or the need for costly infrastructure overhauls. This allows organizations to leverage their current network equipment while benefiting from the increased data transfer speeds offered by the 400G OSFP AOC. Regardless of the manufacturer, this device’s compatibility with different network switches, routers, and servers adds to its versatility and broadens its application in diverse network environments. As a result, the 400G OSFP AOC delivers superior performance and ensures that organizations can transition to higher data rates without significant disruptions to their existing network operations.


In conclusion, the 400G OSFP AOC represents a crucial technological advancement in data center operations, providing a solution that is not only highly efficient but also easily compatible with existing network infrastructure. Its plug-and-play functionality, hot-pluggability, and wide-ranging compatibility offer a practical and cost-effective path for organizations aiming to increase their data transfer speeds without disrupting or overhauling current network operations. Investing in the 400G OSFP AOC can facilitate streamlined data center operations, driving organizational productivity and operational efficiency. With its impressive performance and versatile application, the 400G OSFP AOC is poised to play a pivotal role in the next generation of data center networking.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A: A 400G OSFP Active Optical Cable (AOC) is a type of active optical cable specifically designed for cloud light optical networks. It provides high-speed data transmission and interconnect capabilities for various data communication applications.

A: An AOC stands for Active Optical Cable. It is a type of optical cable that integrates optical transceiver modules and fiber optic cables into a single, compact package. AOCs are used to transmit high-speed data over longer distances compared to traditional copper cables.

A: OSFP stands for Octal Small Form Factor Pluggable. It is a new type of transceiver form factor designed for high-density applications, specifically for high-speed networking and data center interconnects. OSFP supports data rates of up to 400Gbps and offers improved thermal performance compared to older transceiver types.

A: The advantages of using a 400G OSFP AOC include high-speed data transmission, low power consumption, improved thermal performance, and compatibility with OSFP interfaces. It offers a reliable and efficient solution for short-range data communication and interconnect applications in cloud light optical networks.

A: The different types of 400G transceivers include QSFP-DD (Quad Small Form Factor Pluggable Double Density) and OSFP (Octal Small Form Factor Pluggable). Both are designed for high-speed data transmission and interconnects, but they have different physical form factors.

A: Yes, a 400G OSFP AOC is compliant with industry standards for high-speed data transmission. It is designed to meet the requirements of optical interface standards and ensure compatibility with OSFP interfaces.

A: No, a 400G OSFP AOC is specifically designed for OSFP interfaces. It is not compatible with QSFP-DD interfaces. For QSFP-DD interfaces, a different type of AOC or optical cable solution should be used.

A: 400G OSFP AOCs are commonly used in data centers and cloud light optical networks for high-speed data transmission and interconnects. They are suitable for various applications that require short-range data communication and interconnect capabilities.

A: Yes, the market for 400G OSFP AOCs is growing rapidly. With the increasing demand for high-speed data transmission and interconnects in data centers and cloud networks, the adoption of 400G OSFP AOCs is expected to continue to rise in the coming years.

A: The 800G AOC OSFP & QSFP-DD800 is commonly used in data centers, cloud networks, and high-performance computing environments. It is suitable for short-range data transmission and can be used in various networking equipment such as switches and servers.

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