400G QSFP112 AOC

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Looking to boost your network to new heights? Look no further than Ascentoptics, your trusted supplier of top-quality networking equipment. Introducing our state-of-the-art 400G QSFP112 AOC, the perfect solution for your high-speed connectivity needs. With our advanced technology and industry-leading performance, you can experience lightning-fast data transfers and seamless connectivity like never before. Don’t settle for anything less than the best. Upgrade your network today and enjoy unparalleled speed and reliability. Contact us now to learn more about our exclusive offer and unleash your network’s true potential.

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    Introducing 400G QSFP112 AOC from AscentOptics

• AscentOptics provides reliable and cost-effective 400G QSFP112 active optical cables (AOC), designed for short-range data communication and interconnection applications.
• Each AOC has four duplex channels with 425Gbit/s aggregate bandwidth, using PAM4 modulation scheme at 53.125G baud rate.
• The cables have a reach of up to 60m when using OM3 fiber, or 100m when using OM4 fiber, making them suitable for use in data centers, high-performance computing networks, enterprise core and distribution layers, and service provider applications.

400G QSFP112 AOC
400G QSFP112 AOC

400G QSFP112 AOC Series

Part No.DescriptionSpecifications (AWGData Rate)LengthType
Q12-400G-AOCxxM400G QSFP112 Active Optical Cable - Custom Length400G/psxxmActive
Q12-400G-AOC1M400G QSFP112 Active Optical Cable - 1 Meter400G/ps1mActive
Q12-400G-AOC3M400G QSFP112 Active Optical Cable - 3 Meters400G/ps3mActive
Q12-400G-AOC5M400G QSFP112 Active Optical Cable - 5 Meters400G/ps5mActive
Q12-400G-AOC7M400G QSFP112 Active Optical Cable - 7 Meters400G/ps7mActive
Q12-400G-AOC10M400G QSFP112 Active Optical Cable - 10 Meters400G/ps10mActive
Q12-400G-AOC15M400G QSFP112 Active Optical Cable - 15 Meters400G/ps15mActive
Q12-400G-AOC20M400G QSFP112 Active Optical Cable - 20 Meters400G/ps20mActive

The Q12-400G-AOC series offers high-speed data transfers with a data rate of 400Gps. These active optical cables (AOCs) come in various lengths, including custom options up to 20 meters. Equipped with signal-boosting circuitry, they ensure data integrity over extended distances. #technology #datacommunication

Why Choose Our 400G QSFP112 AOC
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    Why Choose Our 400G QSFP112 AOC

• Our 400G QSFP112 AOC offers a data rate of 400G/ps, providing swift and efficient data transfers.
• It features an innovative Quad Small Form-factor Pluggable (QSFP) design, combining functionality with form.
• Embedded circuitry actively boosts the signal for maximum reliability over long distances.
• Offers a range of customizable lengths from custom to 20 meters for optimized performance.
• Leverages technical expertise and commitment to quality, delivering reliable and efficient fiber optic HDMI cables.

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400G QSFP112 Active Optical Cable (AOC) for High-Speed Optical Interconnect Solutions

The 400G QSFP112 Active Optical Cable (AOC) is a paramount advancement in the high-speed optical interconnect solutions landscape. This state-of-the-art technology, equipped with high-density and low-power QSFP112 transceivers, stands at the forefront of the data center revolution. The 400G AOC provides a robust and efficient solution for achieving high-speed data transmission over short distances, making it an optimal choice for connectivity between systems in data centers or high-performance computing clusters. Its inherent technical superiority and cost-effectiveness make it an irresistible proposition for businesses seeking to enhance network performance and reliability.

Overview of 400G QSFP112 AOC

Overview of 400G QSFP112 AOC

What is a 400G QSFP112 AOC?

A 400G QSFP112 AOC is a high-speed, high-density active optical cable for short-range multi-lane data communication and interconnect applications. Leveraging QSFP112 (Quad Small Form Factor Pluggable 112) transceiver technology, it caters to the bandwidth needs of next-generation data centers, high-performance computing clusters, and enterprise networks with a data rate of 400 Gigabits per second. This cable is a direct-attach assembly with transceivers on either end, offering higher port densities and lower system power than traditional solutions. Its design facilitates high-speed data transmission with minimal signal loss, ensuring superior network performance and reliability.

Benefits of using a 400G QSFP112 AOC

The 400G QSFP112 AOC offers significant benefits, contributing to its rising popularity.

  1. High Data Rate: With a data transmission rate of 400 Gigabits per second, this AOC can quickly process high volumes of data, making it ideal for applications requiring high bandwidth.
  2. Improved Network Performance: The QSFP112 transceiver technology ensures minimal signal loss during data transmission, resulting in superior network performance and reliable connections.
  3. Energy Efficiency: The 400G AOC is designed for low power consumption, making it an environmentally friendly choice that can also reduce operational costs.
  4. Scalability: As data centers and networks evolve to accommodate growing data traffic, this cable’s high density and high-speed capabilities make it a scalable solution to meet future demand.
  5. Cost-Effective: Despite its advanced features, the 400G QSFP112 AOC is cost-effective compared to other high-speed interconnect solutions, offering better value for investment.

Overall, the 400G QSFP112 AOC is an indispensable tool for any data-intensive application, offering unmatched performance, scalability, and cost benefits.

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications

Transmission Speed and Distance

The 400G QSFP112 AOC offers an impressive transmission speed of 400 Gigabits per second, accommodating the high-speed data transfer requirements of modern data centers and networks. Moreover, it maintains this high data rate over considerable distances. Specifically, it can achieve reliable data transmission over lengths reaching up to 100 meters without significant signal loss. This optimal blend of speed and space makes the 400G QSFP112 AOC a versatile solution, supporting various applications in different scenarios. Whether for short-haul connections within a data center or for longer connections in expansive networks, the 400G QSFP112 AOC delivers consistent, high-performance data transmission.

Supported Protocols and Applications

The 400G QSFP112 AOC is compatible with many protocols, enhancing its versatility in data center applications. It supports InfiniBand Enhanced Data Rate (EDR), ensuring efficient and reliable data transfer in high-performance computing environments. In addition, it is compliant with the Ethernet protocol, precisely the 400 Gigabit Ethernet standard, making it ideal for large-scale data center interconnections and network traffic handling. The 400G AOC also supports Fibre Channel protocols, facilitating rapid access and retrieval of stored data in storage area networks. As for applications, this versatile cable is suitable for data centers, cloud computing environments, enterprise networks, and high-performance computing setups. It is an ideal choice for any data-intensive application that requires high-speed, reliable data transmission over short or long distances.

Connector Types

The 400G QSFP112 AOC employs high-performance, industry-standard connectors to ensure efficient and reliable data transmission. Notably, it utilizes QSFP (Quad Small Form-factor Pluggable) connectors, renowned for their compact design and high-speed capabilities. They pack four channels into each connector, maximizing data throughput without increasing the cable’s footprint. The QSFP connector’s design ensures a secure and stable connection, minimizing data loss due to physical interruptions. Its compact size also allows for high port density, making it an excellent choice for data centers and high-performance computing environments where space is a premium.

Features of 400G QSFP112 AOC

Features of 400G QSFP112 AOC

Play Functionality

The 400G QSFP112 AOC offers seamless Plug and Play functionality, eliminating the need for intricate installations or configurations. Its design allows for immediate recognition upon connection, enabling the device to configure itself automatically. This feature facilitates quick and hassle-free deployments, reducing downtime during upgrades or maintenance. It also negates the need for specialized knowledge or skills, making this cable a user-friendly choice for all environments, ranging from data centers to high-performance computing setups. The Plug and Play functionality of the 400G QSFP112 AOC saves time, contributes to operational efficiency, and is a critical feature for today’s fast-paced IT environments.

Low Power Consumption

Another notable advantage of the 400G QSFP112 AOC is its low power consumption. Despite its high-speed capabilities, the cable operates on a minimal power draw, making it an environmentally friendly and cost-effective solution for data transmission. The need for power-efficient products in data centers and other high-performance computing environments is more crucial than ever due to growing concerns about energy usage and its environmental impact. By opting for the 400G QSFP112 AOC, businesses can significantly reduce their energy costs and carbon footprint, aligning their operations with sustainable practices and green IT initiatives. Therefore, the low power consumption of the 400G QSFP112 AOC is not just an attractive feature – it’s a strategic advantage in today’s energy-conscious world.

High Reliability and Durability

The 400G QSFP112 AOC exhibits high reliability and durability, essential for maintaining consistent performance in demanding operational environments. It is built with high-grade materials and cutting-edge technology to withstand rigorous use and harsh conditions. Moreover, the cable has been thoroughly tested to ensure it can sustain high data transfer rates over extended periods without degradation, thereby ensuring uninterrupted data flow. Additionally, its robust construction minimizes the risk of physical damage and lengthens the product’s lifecycle. As a result, businesses can trust the 400G QSFP112 AOC to deliver high-performance connectivity with the assurance of long-term reliability and durability, making it a wise investment for any IT infrastructure.

Applications of 400G QSFP112 AOC

Applications of 400G QSFP112 AOC

Data Centers and Cloud Computing

The 400G QSFP112 AOC finds its most compelling applications in data centers and cloud computing. These environments demand high-speed, reliable, and efficient data transmission to support their vast services, from virtualization to big data analytics and everything in between. The incredible data transfer rates of the 400G QSFP112 AOC ensure these services run smoothly and efficiently with minimal latency. Its energy efficiency aids in managing operational costs and adhering to sustainability goals, crucial considerations for modern data centers. Furthermore, its robust construction and high reliability make it an ideal choice for cloud computing environments, where downtime can have severe impacts. Therefore, implementing the 400G QSFP112 AOC in data centers and cloud computing infrastructures can significantly enhance performance, reduce costs, and promote sustainable operations.

High-Performance Computing (HPC)

High-Performance Computing (HPC) is another domain where the 400G QSFP112 AOC stands out. HPC requires processing vast amounts of data at lightning-fast speeds, a task the 400G QSFP112 AOC is perfectly equipped to handle. Its unparalleled data transfer rates and efficient energy consumption make it a top choice for HPC infrastructures, contributing to faster computation times and enhanced system productivity. Moreover, its durability ensures constant operation, a vital requirement in HPC settings where downtime can lead to significant losses. By integrating the 400G QSFP112 AOC into HPC systems, organizations can drive superior computational performance, uphold reliability, and optimize energy use, achieving a high return on investment.

Consumer Electronics

The 400G QSFP112 AOC is a crucial element for large data centers or HPC systems and a significant contributor to the consumer electronics sector. The surge in demand for high-definition content, advanced gaming experiences, and data-intensive applications necessitates integrating high-speed data communication systems like the 400G QSFP112 AOC. This module can support cutting-edge consumer electronics’ high-speed data transfer requirements, such as ultra-high-definition (UHD) televisions, advanced gaming consoles, and smart home systems. By adopting the 400G QSFP112 AOC, manufacturers can deliver products that offer more prosperous, more immersive experiences to end-users, thereby gaining a competitive edge in the market. Thus, the 400G QSFP112 AOC plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of the consumer electronics industry by enabling high-speed, efficient, and reliable data communication.

Comparing 400G QSFP112 AOC to Other Optical Interconnect Solutions

Comparing 400G QSFP112 AOC to Other Optical Interconnect Solutions

400G QSFP112 AOC vs. QSFP-DD

While both 400G QSFP112 AOC and QSFP-DD offer high-speed data transfer capabilities, some key differences exist to consider. The QSFP-DD, or Quad Small Form Factor Pluggable Double Density, employs an 8-lane electrical interface, doubling the number of high-speed electrical interfaces compared to standard QSFP interconnects. However, the 400G QSFP112 AOC offers superior power efficiency, a crucial factor for maintaining cooler device temperatures and promoting longer lifespan. Furthermore, the 400G QSFP112 AOC’s advanced active optical technology ensures optimal signal integrity, providing reliable, high-quality data transmission over longer distances. Thus, while QSFP-DD may offer a higher density of electrical interfaces, the 400G QSFP112 AOC delivers unmatched efficiency, reliability, and distance capabilities, making it a superior choice for high-speed data communication needs.

400G QSFP112 AOC vs. QSFP28

The QSFP28 interconnect solution, while capable of supporting data rates up to 100G, falls short compared to the 400G QSFP112 AOC. The QSFP28’s lower data rate limit may suffice for some applications; however, as data demands continue to escalate, it may struggle to keep pace. On the other hand, the 400G QSFP112 AOC, with its remarkable 400G data transfer capability, is well-equipped to handle the data surge of the future. Its power efficiency and advanced active optical technology further enhance its performance, ensuring optimal signal integrity and reliable data transmission over extended distances. Consequently, the 400G QSFP112 AOC emerges as a superior choice to QSFP28 for meeting high-speed data communication needs while ensuring efficient power usage and reliable long-distance operation.

400G QSFP112 AOC vs. Direct Attach Copper (DAC) Cables

Direct Attach Copper (DAC) Cables, an economical choice for short-distance communication, lack the power efficiency and long-distance capabilities of the 400G QSFP112 AOC. DAC cables are limited by high power consumption, which increases operational costs and generates more heat, potentially reducing the lifespan of devices. Moreover, DAC cables are not built for long-distance data transmission, limiting their utility within larger data centers or between geographically distributed locations. In contrast, the 400G QSFP112 AOC excels in power efficiency, ensuring cooler device temperatures and a longer lifespan. Its advanced active optical technology guarantees high signal integrity over longer distances, making it a robust solution for high-speed data communication. Therefore, compared to DAC cables, the 400G QSFP112 AOC is a more reliable, efficient, and future-proof choice for data communication infrastructure.

Installation and Maintenance of 400G QSFP112 AOC

Installation and Maintenance of 400G QSFP112 AOC

Connecting and Configuring the AOC

Installing and setting up the 400G QSFP112 AOC is a straightforward process. Start by plugging each end of the AOC into the corresponding QSFP112 port on your devices. Ensure the cable fits securely and there is a click to signal a proper connection. Once connected, the devices will automatically detect the AOC, and the transceivers will begin communicating over the cable. If your device requires configuration, you will typically find the settings in the network interface section of the device’s control panel or configuration utility. You can set up details like data rate and duplex settings to match your network requirements. Refer to your device’s user manual or contact your manufacturer for specific setup instructions or configuration details. With the 400G QSFP112 AOC, you can rest assured of a high-speed, reliable, and efficient data communication setup.

Maintaining and Troubleshooting the AOC

Maintaining the 400G QSFP112 AOC is essentially a matter of observing good practices in handling and cleanliness. Always ensure the optical ports and connectors are free of dust and debris, which can interfere with the signal quality. Use approved optical-grade cleaning materials to clean the connectors. Never bend the cable excessively or put heavy objects on it, as this can damage the optical fibers. Regularly check for any physical damage or changes in performance, which could indicate a need for replacement.

When troubleshooting, start by identifying whether the issue lies with the cable itself or the connected devices. Check the status lights on your devices for any error indications. If you suspect a cable issue, try using the AOC with different devices to see if the problem persists. Also, ensure the cable is correctly seated in the QSFP112 ports. If you’re experiencing a lower-than-expected data transfer rate, double-check your device settings to ensure they’re correctly configured for 400G. Refer to your product manuals or device manufacturer’s support service for more in-depth troubleshooting guidance. Remember, the 400G QSFP112 AOC is a highly sophisticated technology designed to deliver unparalleled data communication speed and reliability. Proper care and handling will ensure its optimal performance and longevity.

In conclusion, the 400G QSFP112 AOC is a critical component in today’s data-driven environments, offering unmatched speed and reliability in data communication. Its maintenance and care are paramount to operating at its peak performance. By adhering to the outlined good practices in handling, cleanliness, and troubleshooting, users can optimally benefit from its high-speed data transfer capabilities and extended lifespan. Remember, the value of the 400G QSFP112 AOC is not just in its advanced technology and high-speed data transmission but also in the proactive measures taken to maintain its functionality and efficiency.


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Frequently Asked Questions

A: A 400G QSFP112 AOC is capable of supporting distances up to 100m using OM4 fiber.

A: Yes, a 400G QSFP112 AOC is designed for short-range data communication and is ideal for use in data centers and other high-speed optical interconnect solutions.

A: The main difference between a 400G QSFP112 AOC and a QSFP28 AOC is the aggregate bandwidth. A 400G QSFP112 AOC has a higher bandwidth capacity compared to a QSFP28 AOC.

A: A 400G QSFP112 AOC is compatible with OM3 and OM4 multimode fiber cables.

A: Yes, a 400G QSFP112 AOC can be used with optical modules and is designed to provide high-speed optical interconnect solutions.

A: A 400G QSFP112 AOC uses the PAM4 (Pulse Amplitude Modulation 4) modulation scheme at a baud rate of 53.125G.

A: Yes, a 400G QSFP112 AOC can be used with a fiber media converter to convert optical signals to electrical signals or vice versa.

A: Yes, there are breakout cables available for a 400G QSFP112 AOC that allow for connectivity to QSFP112 to QSFP112 active optical interfaces.

A: The 800G AOC OSFP & QSFP-DD800 supports a maximum data rate of 800Gbps. This enables high-speed data transmission for demanding applications and networks.

A: The 800G AOC OSFP & QSFP-DD800 is commonly used in data centers, cloud networks, and high-performance computing environments. It is suitable for short-range data transmission and can be used in various networking equipment such as switches and servers.

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